Friday, October 9, 2009


I finally felt like this was an exercise I was prepared for. I recently learned about and used for a group project for school. It was very handy because the prof could look at our tags and bookmarks and see whether we were on the right track for our research. It is a reallly handy tool for finding and organizing information for future use. However, with all of the tools out there, I begin to wonder how well they all fit into Personal Information Management. I have so many just from library school. What about people who use them all just for fun? How do they keep it all straight?

#12 Rollyo

I created two search rolls. I will do more because I really like this tool but it is slow right now so I will have to try again later. Anyway, I created a news roll and a book reviews roll. I like the way this works and am wondering whether I could ask the tool to search journal databases like Ebsco and Jstor for me. I will have to give it a shot and see but I have my doubts since those are licensed.

#11 again

I forgot to include the link to my Library Thing account. Here it is:

#11 Library Thing

So I made a Library Thing account today. I like it, I guess. I am also a user of Goodreads though so I had a little trouble making the transition. I added a few books to my library and then attempted to add a favorite author. That was a bit tricky but I figured it out in the end. I am a little embarassed because I have been reading so many childrens books lately that they are the only titles I could think of. I will have to go home and add some of my "grown up" books off my shelf later.