Sunday, November 29, 2009

#23 what I think

This activity/process has been really quite interesting. I learned a great deal about new technologies I had never heard of and revisited sites I use regularly with a different perspective. I still feel overwhelmed by how much is out there and I wish I was someone who enjoyed just browsing to see what's new. However, this did force me to break out of my shell a bit and get exposed to many sites and tools I would never have discovered on my own.

#22 ebooks

I attempted to use the NetLibrary link and get a login to download a book but it came up with an error. So instead, I checked out their "About Us" page and learned what it is they are trying to do. I like he concept of ebooks and the epublications catalog. I think this is an incredibly relevant and useful tool for libraries.

I do wonder, though, has this taken off? Are many libraries using ebooks? If so, how have they implemented this technology? Does the patron get a user ID and password and "checks out" the book for a certain amount of time? Or does the book remain indefinitely available in the patron's account?

#15 Library 2.0

I began by reading Dr. Schultz's "To a Temporary Place in Time" and I really enjoyed her perspective. Libraries must continue to evolve and he means for getting information evolve. A library is not just a place but an experience and it is important for that experience to change along with people's needs.

Michael Stephens' article, "Into a New World of Librarianship", is a similar perspective. He makes a god point that libraries and librarians will not be replaced but will need to evolve and be flexible as the patrons' needs change.

I think it is pretty obvious that I agree with these perspectives...

Monday, November 23, 2009

#21 Podcasts

I have to admit, I still don't see the draw. I have listened to podcasts and I get that the information is timely but so is the radio. I just don't know that I can handle this information load. I know I should just subscribe to podcasts that are relevant to my job or hobbies but there is so much out there I want to know about. How do I limit my wandering? I could very easily get lost in Podcast World.
But anyway, here are the ones I found interesting:
The Museum Detective
NPR: StoryCorps
Messing About in Ships

#20 YouTube

This is my favorite Muppets music video:
I discovered it a while ago when some friends and I were looking up some of our memories from Sesame Street.
My second favorite video on YouTube is "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" starring the Potter Puppet Pals:


#19 Play Time

I love craigslist and use it frequently so I decided to check out Oodle. I was a little disappointed. I like that you can see people's profiles, kind of like on ebay, but I was disappointed at how nothing showed up from Madison in my search results. I am wondering if this tool just hasn't taken off yet.

#18 Google Docs

Since I already have a google account, I thought I would give Google Docs a try. I love it! I started by checking out the templates andwas amazed at how many resume formats there are. My question is, are employers on the lookout for these types of resumes? I guess, what I mean is, if a lot of people are using these templates, are employers recognizing that they come from Google? If so, is that a problem?
I loaded a calendar template to my documents. We'll see if it helps me get more organized. ;) I do love that I can access my documents from anywhere with this tool. It's like using MyWebSpace except I will be able to use it even once I graduate...