Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#4 revisited

I did also register for a Twitter account in case anyone wants to find me there. But, I'll be honest, I barely manage to find time to check my email so responses might be slow...


I created a logo for my blog. Here it is...
Erin's 23 Things

Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own

I was worried it wouldn't work but it seems to be just fine. I guess it is a little long for a logo but I wil keep pluggin' away at it...


So I tried a couple of the RSS feed searching tools and found myself completely overwhelmed. So I went back to bloglines and used there general subject heading serach to choose some feeds I might be interested in. It was weird though. Somehow I ended up subscribed to 25 feeds and I can't tell you what half of them are. So I previewed a bunch and deleted a few. I managed to get down to 20 feeds. How in the world can anyone digest that much information in one day though?


Okay, so I signed up for a bloglines account and added feeds for weather, football updates, the BBC and the UN news center. I am reminded of Personal Information Management and the questions that surround the activities of organizing information we gather. I have signed up for many accounts already over the course of my Library School career! If someone really wanted to archive my personal "collection", I wish them the best of luck. They may have an easier time stealing my identity!


I am a moron! I cannot figure out what is SOOO great about podcasts. Maybe part of me doesn't want to know. I have never been too interested in technology-related anything and the more I learn about what's out there, the more I wish I could withdraw from it. Is anyone else worried about what all of this biz-na-na (that's a made up word, yes) is doing to our society?

Enough of the rant. Seriously someone showed me how to listen to and subscribe to a podcast but I just am not interested. I would rather listen to the radio and randomly come across fascinating stories and such...


So I was looking at the mash-ups and I am fascinated by Mappr. I would LOVE to create my own of all the places I have been. It reminds me of those sticker maps of the U.S. you can put on your car or camper. When you travel to a state, you add that colored sticker to te map. Everyone on the road can see it and know where you've been. This seems like a not-so-distant relative.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

#5 Flickr

Ok, so I found this awesome picture to talk about! I loved it because it totally reminded me of my drive to and from Dodgeville in the winter. It is not the most exciting drive but the stretch down county rd P ad 14 was lovely by Cross Plains. The image is of a farmstead by Cross Plains, in the winter. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to attach it to this blog. I'll keep trying though...

Friday, September 18, 2009

#4 Register Blog

Well, it's registered with my classmates. Good enough for me!


The goal here was to set up a blog and post to it! I finally did.


I am definitely a lifelong learner! I get bored easily if life becomes too routine and so I am often taking new classes or attempting to master or relearn a skill. However, in looking over the 7 1/2 Things that make a good lifelong learner, there are a few I struggle with. I don't tend to keep the end goal in sight and I get sidetracked. I like to call it "getting distracted by shiny objects". I am also not good at using technology to my advantage. In fact, even Learn@UW gets to be a bit much for me. There are simply too many places to look for information and I get overwhelmed. But I'll get there...

I did try out writing a learning contract. We'll see how it goes.

Thing 1

I managed to read the first blog. I am still figuring this out. I know I am late to the technology game. Hopefully, I will start to catch up here...